Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Visit to Clear Creek

I recently took my family to Clear Creek Monastery for the first time, and I'd like to narrate a little bit of our experience there. Before I start, I'd like to say the obvious: if you can get there, do it!
We input the address of the monastery into our Tom-Tom device and drove from Illinois to Oklahoma over about three days. We attended a TLM in Des Moines in the crypt of St Anthony church, which felt like a church basement (in fairness, it is a church basement), where Msgr Chiodo said Mass and gave a very good homily on Charity. The church (upstairs) is pretty although a little barn-like. It would be nice to see the Latin Mass in the main church.
From Des Moines we headed to Kansas and visited some friends. After a night there we continued to Tulsa, which has an amazing number of large, old churches in about three square blocks downtown! Mass (OF) was about halfway through at the Catholic church, while the other churches were generally empty and locked (it was Monday).
Well, from there we found our way to the monastery, which we found through the help of St. Christopher and (likely) St. Benedict, as our Tom-Tom's coordinates were not quite right. There are signs posted which I initially ignored, but we found our way there. Clear Creek is in the middle of nowhere. I say that as a compliment, of course, because this is a monastery removed from the world, geographically and spiritually.
Everyone here is very friendly and welcoming. If you are used to a small town atmosphere it will be familiar. We talked to one or two monks initially who pointed us to the guest house where we could freshen up and unpack (contact them via mail before visiting if possible). The guest house is run by a family that lives on the property. They are warm, welcoming people and we felt right at home with them.

Part II will continue soon...


Venite, Missa est! said...

Good folks,

Thank you for the review of your trip to Clear Creek...can't wait to read the rest.

Next time you make the trip come via Wichita. We celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass (Extra Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite) at St. Anthony...which I believe is the oldest church in Wichita. It recently underwent a total restoration and one of the parishioners has a brother (Bethel) who is a monk at Clear Creek.

In the mean time visit my unofficial blog site for St. Anthony at

ProtegeAA said...

I think I met him, was he in Fontgombault for some time? If he's the monk I'm thinking of he mentioned being from Canada.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll check yours out and post a link soon.