Friday, February 29, 2008

What Must Be Done

Catholicism has been under attack for quite some time in the U.S., as well as other parts of the world. This is nothing new. Many Catholics have little idea of this, and consider things quite rosy. A good amount of Catholics, however, do know and argue considerably over what to do. I was once the former, now the latter. For me, it was a transition from liberal fallen away Catholic to Traditional Catholic that showed me the light. My lifestyle didn't change overnight; however, I list the following suggestions to Americans who wish to live a "radical" Catholic lifestyle in 2008 and beyond.
1. Pray the rosary, every day. This is not easy, and I have had difficulties with it. Nevertheless, true change begins here.
1.5 Attend Mass more often than weekly, if possible. Find a traditional Latin Mass in your area. (PDF alert)
2. Turn off the television. This might be the hardest, but if Catholics are to begin a serious culture war it MUST be done. Even non-Catholics agree on this. Not only do television shows waste our time, but there is a constant barrage of unChristian material. Grown ups and children alike are vulnerable. Turn off the television.
3. Find like-minded Catholics in your area. You need support. Your children need friends who share their values-you don't want to deny them television at home only to hear they are watching it at a friend's house. You will likely be looked at with pity/sympathy/whatever by worldly people who don't understand you. Make sure you have some friends that do.
4. Pull your children out of public schools. If you can't, begin finding out how you can. This is possible. Homeschooling associations are everywhere and curriculum is getting easier to find. Most so called Catholic schools are not very different from public schools and use the same textbooks. Your children will learn the same liberal junk, but in uniforms and with a prayer (maybe) beforehand.
5. Culture your family through better music (chamber music and choral music) and the arts. Don't let pop culture seep back into your house.
6. Love thy neighbor. Don't look down at everyone for not being like you. Be charitable, and do your best to help others find better ways to live. But, this is last, as your family is the most important. Basically, be a good role model.

If you can do three of these, you're on your way. Start a fourth. If you're already doing more than 5, you're in a great situation, and way to be a model Catholic! If you are at zero or one, it's time to start praying and looking at what truly matters in life: God, or mammon.