Thursday, May 15, 2008

How to keep strip clubs out of your community!

What does one do when a neighborhood is suddenly faced with a strip club down the street? How do you explain to your small children what the place is?
While I generally believe the argument that Saint Thomas Aquinas makes about keeping brothels legal for the sake of protecting innocent young ladies from overanxious and unscrupulous men (his argument is described here), I think local communities ought to set up laws keeping the places in certain areas of towns (red light districts) IF even allowed at all.
Saint Thomas' argument is not DOGMA, so I would bow to the Church if there is evidence that she teaches otherwise, but mainly, I'm interested in the question of WHAT DOES ONE DO, within the law, to get rid of a place or keep them out?


hollyfawder said...

Keeping strip clubs out of a neighborhood is a lot like keeping strip malls out. All you have to do is run off the customers.

Try standing out front of the strip club like the Holly Fawder does and take pictures of everyone coming and going.

That will slow things down for 'em.

ProtegeAA said...

I've heard of this strategy, and it is in some ways sensible. However, I would not wish to broadcast somebody's sin to the public. Then again, possibly the simple threat of their picture being taken would dissuade some from going.