Sunday, March 2, 2008

What Must Be Done Pt II

Politically, the next election looks bleak. Obama looks poised to pull a J.F.K. on McCain this fall, and Obama's pro-life record is abysmal. McCain is a 50/50 guess on the pro-life as he has voted pro-life before, but also supports stem cell research with already created embryos. Also, he generally creeps me out and seems to be even bolder than Bush in what he'll tell people...I can't imagine he would bode well for the international image of the U.S.
Obama's personality cult looks to engulf even President Clinton's if his success continues. Hillary would have been a one term president, I think, while Obama could easily hit two terms. This is scary and will likely result in a steep increase of big government doing big government things. Considering we're already broke, I'm expecting a redux of FDR's programs from the 30's. Gary North has good investment recommendations to hedge for a recession, and I recommend his site for just that.
Anyhow, back to what needs to be done. The USCCB, long known for its backbone (this is my tongue in my cheek), needs to work on creating blocs of Catholic voters who are willing to sit out elections if need be. The Republican Party is not the pro-life party...they are just less pro-choice than the Democrats. Many are choosing to sit out the election this fall, and I understand their choice. I'm unsure yet if I'll vote for McCain or a write in/third party. However, a million people (or many millions) organized under the pro-life banner refusing to vote for a weak pro-life candidate may set the stage for the next election to have some stronger pro-life candidates. Then again, there were plenty of good options for Catholics available: Ron Paul, Alan Keyes, Sam Brownback (great on pro-life, not great on empire, but would have been plenty fine), Mike Huckabee (terrible on many issues but very pro-life). I think at this point even Romney might have done something just to create a legacy for himself...maybe not.
Regardless, the bishops need to get their act together and stop playing the tax avoidance game. They also need to stop saying ridiculous things like the death penalty and racism being intriniscally evil, and make it a one issue decision once again: abortion. I personally hate how our government grows and grows and wastes all of our tax money on stupid wars, but I can live with that. I can't live with abortion. We need to take it down no matter what the cost.


Katrinka Yobotz said...

You have stuck the cords of my heart! I also am dismayed at the lack of involvement of our Catholic leaders.

There is hope! You seem to believe that Alan Keyes has dropped out. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Catholic, totally pro-life (as in the Constitution's right to LIFE), for religious freedom, returning this nation to its roots "under God", etc. ALAN KEYES is still running from President and will NOT give up.

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ProtegeAA said...

Thank you for visiting my site.
Alan Keyes really ought to have entered the race sooner. I don't know why he joined in August or September but his inability to make all 50 ballots made him a non-choice.
Whether I would vote for him in Novemeber is up for grabs. I still would rather write in Ron Paul, who has a national following (and who has convinced many former pro-aborts to become pro-life), than Alan Keyes, who does not.
I will always pray, however. Ultimately, we will not have a truly pro-life president until God allows us one. And we won't have a truly pro-life country until we can give abortion the same stigma that genocide and the Holocaust have.